Early Childhood Trauma

Painful early experiences in our lives are part of the foundation of how we experience the world. Medical emergencies, abuse and neglect, acts of violence, natural disasters, social exclusion and bullying in your young life can all impact who you become as you grow up.

You may struggle with trust and safety, intimacy in relationships, and stability in work and lifestyle. There may be patterns and behaviors that helped you survive insurmountable odds at another period in your life that aren’t working for you now.

By exploring memory and emotions, returning to painful experiences in a safer environment, and having someone who can track the patterns and structures in your life, you can begin to make changes that have left you feeling stuck and out of control.

In all my work, I pay attention to the present moment between us, and notice what pieces of the past are still alive and influential. My approach is gentle and containing, and may be more supportive to work more than once a week. This way of working allows me to help people who have had intensely painful childhoods begin to make peace with internal conflicts and move forward with more ease.

Give Melissa a call at 323-810-9681.

We may not be responsible for the world that created our minds, but we can take responsibility for our mind that has created our world.  – Gabor Mate

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