Identity Exploration

As a social justice oriented clinician, it is important to locate myself in my work, my community, and the greater cultural complex. I am a white, Christian, neurodivergent, allistic, bisexual, ambiamorous, fat, genderfull femme.  I understand how essential identity is to who we are as humans. Each of my identities is core to who I am, and the way I see the world. I am committed to a lifelong exploration of how privilege, colonization, bias, racism, marginalization, and oppression live in my experiences. Each week I spend time thinking about these experiences in group settings order to offer a safer, more equitable, egalitarian, and unbiased space for my clients. I also consider consistent political advocacy an important part of being an affirmative therapist.

You may have parts of yourself you feel like you must hide. You may feel like there are conflicts with who you are, and how you currently present in the world. Minority stressors can leave you feeling unsafe, unseen, or misunderstood. My work in the LGBTQIA+ and Autistic communities leaves me more attuned to honoring differences and diversity in the human experience.

You may be the parent of a child or teen coming to a deeper understanding of their gender or sexual identity. This can be a scary time filled with a lot of fear, curiosity, uncertainty, and grief; all of which can complicate your relationship with your kid. We can work together to process all of that so you can spend more time supporting your child to come into all the important parts of their identity.

Additionally, I enjoy working with advocates and community organizers working to build safer communities for all of us. Social justice is long term, ongoing creative work. This labor requires a peaceful space to come back to each week to rest, explore, dream, and imagine.

I welcome you find yourself in your work with me, and sharpen your lens on the world from where you are seated.

Give Melissa a call at 323-810-9681.

A fingerprint impressed upon a swirl of colorful heads, representing the effort in therapy to make sense of oneself and their identities amongst the greater community.

To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.  – Oscar Wilde

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